Cutting Aluminum Extrusion


Hi all.

I have some 20x20mm aluminum t-slot extrusion that I need to cut into pieces. This is the structural stuff used in a lot of 3D printers and other CNC type designs and I know some of you have worked with it more than I have.

I was going to use the horizontal band saw in the metal shop to cut it, but I thought maybe I should ask here in case someone has a better suggestion. Just need simple square cuts, Nothing fancy. Accuracy of length and squareness of cut are the primary concerns.




I have used a table saw and miter saw in the past, but both require special blades, and we can’t use the sawstop.


I have a carbide tipped blade in a chop saw that does a pretty nice job of that.
I could cut those for you this weekend if you plan to be around.



I was planning to be there Sunday. We could try both tools and see which
is better. Thanks.



Steve, Give me some warning when you’ll be there Sunday and I’ll swing by. - Curt


Curt, I’m planning to be there for a while this afternoon, probably
after 1:00. If for some reason today no longer works, it isn’t critical.



Ok, I’ll try to swing by between 1:30 and 2pm.

Or if you’re not certain you will be there then, you could email again once you are there.



I’m here