Cthulhu dice tower

Just finished painting this Cthulhu dice tower I printed a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift to my SO but the print failed at about 80% finished. So I printed the top half and attached it afterwards. I’m impressed with myself for eyeballing the stoping point.


That is amazing.
I mean horrible you should throw it away…at my house…on my dining room table.

What was your process for painting. I was thinking of printing a dice tower. I may have to find this one.

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Lol. Thanks. I found the file on Thingiverse. As for the paint job, I just lightly sanded with some fine grit paper then used acrylic paints. Then used some matte top coat to protect it.


I used acrylic paint myself for 3dprints with no primer but one could use a primer you can sand if surface has flaws.
What about joints?
What do ppl fill those in with?


I used my 3D printer pen without any filament in it to melt the seam along the outside after glueing the two halves together with plastic cement. The nozzle of a low temp hot glue gun would work just as well, probably.


I’ve used the spray sanding primer with decent results for removing layer lines. I’d probably use Bondo for the joints though.

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