Committee Meeting Invite

The volunteer/onboarding/community committee will be meeting at 6pm on Tues, June 18th, at MakeICT. Here’s your chance to offer ideas and/or learn about volunteer opportunities for our makerspace! We would love to have you join us!



I spent a few minutes this week cleaning up the onboarding presentation - what do you think? I was also thinking about emailing new members to ask for their feedback (people in the 2-4 month range)… see where orientation helped them or didn’t help them.

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Looks good! I like the idea to get feedback from new members.

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I apologize for not coming to speak with you this evening. I thought the weather was going to be worse than it was.

I would like to do some FB live, youtube, or recorded videos of how volunteering at MakeICT has affected members lives. Josh’s story is one that comes to mind. Not only did he find his passion but he overcame his anxiety. Each participant would have to be willing to share their story. I’d like to do 4-6 videos over the next 6-8 weeks. Each video should last about 3-5 minutes.

feedback is more than welcome