Clothing swap?

I’ve decided it’s punk rock to tell fast fashion to go :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: itself so, I want to do a clothing swap at MakeICT after Thanksgiving.

Who would I talk to to rent out a classroom?

Any rules, request I need to be aware of?

Any questions for me?

Also, y’all are invited! :relaxed::black_heart:


@Classroom_Management but if it’s free and we can advise on FB I think we would be happy to help. I’d personally like to help.


Thank you!

And yes please help! I’ll keep you posted on the details. It is free. My plan is bring up to ten items, leave with up to ten items.

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Tell us how a clothing swap works.


People bring in the clothing they no longer like or doesn’t fit and take home the same number of pieces of clothing from other people who came to swap. Any leftovers are donated to a charity usually know up front who the donations are going to.

Yeah! What she said.

But not the Salvation Army or goodwill.

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Dress for Success


Yeah, okay.

I’ll reach out to them and see how donations work.

I work with them I’m there 3-4 Fridays a month I’d be happy to take care of it.


Okay, works for me. Thank you!
Please let me know if you need help.


I’d love to be a part of this. Please keep me posted!


Just want to be clear here…you carry in the clothing you wish to swap; You don’t wear it in, right?


Oh you’re fine, all questions are valid as long as you’re seeking understanding.

We do prefer clothing be carried in and laundered. Clothing straight from the body will not be accepted.

I don’t wanna get kicked out of MakeICT cause I accidentally started a naked bacchanal. XD

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If I didn’t get kicked out I doubt you would…

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Absolutely interested in this!

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……wat? :sweat_smile:

For those interested this is happening tomorrow (12/5/2021) 4-7!

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