Cleaning Rant

Once, just once, I’d like to walk into the wood shop and be able to start my project without cleaning the last person’s mess up first.

So to the last person who used the planner and joiner, I cleaned up the pig stye you left. Thanks so much…


This is an unfortunately common problem in shared spaces like ours, and is one of the reasons we have electronic keys and cameras. I’ll take a look when I’m over there today and figure out who needs a reminder to clean up before they leave.

Sorry that you had to clean up someone else’s mess, but thanks for doing it.


We used both yesterday afternoon and everything looked great. We cleaned up both machines when we finished plus the Grizzly band saw (which we did not use) and shop vac because they were a mess.

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Thank you for the reply Christian.

My real purpose for the post was a reminder that the dust collection system just isn’t enough, you still need to do a quick sweep/vacuum. But really, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t have to clean up before starting. I know it’s endemic to our situation, and it probably won’t change. Lack of consideration for others is a personal thing for me.


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Don’t know what time you were in, but I was there around 10:00 AM. Interesting that you mentioned the shop vac. I’d spent a fair amount of time vacuuming chips out of the tool holders and recesses on it also. I didn’t look at the band saw. But I’d vacuumed both the joiner and planner fairly well before I left. BTW, I didn’t use the joiner, just couldn’t stand to see it messed up.


We were there about noon. Thank you for cleaning up. That must be why the joiner and planer were clean. We emptied one vac by the band saws. The smaller one by the work bench needs a cleaning, but my husband said it needs a bag and we didn’t know where they are kept. I made a couple of trips to the trash bin. We emptied the sawdust barrel, too. I agree. Leave the space better than you found it.


I left right after you guys did, and I cleaned the table, Sawstop, and little bandsaw and swept. It was fine when I left.

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