Class request for a group


Hi, Everyone! Is anyone interested in reaching out to this person to see about hosting a class a MakeICT for her group?

Hello I am an event planner for the Adventurous Babes Society and was researching different places that gave crafting type classes. I’d love to discuss any options that you feel would be a good fit for our ladies to sign up for. We need to think somewhat out of the box as some of the other planners might already have a similar type event and that is where we can’t go forward if it’s the same or kind of similar in content.

I look forward to exploring our options
Leslie Way
[REDACTED] cell #


Besides forwarding her email to you I sent her the request a class form and our group activities page on the website. Hopefully we’ve covered all our bases =)


I’ve been planning to teach a series of clay crafting ladies night classes. Is this something they might be interested in? Also, potentially some 3D wooden keychain type classes, but those would require the woodshop safety class prior which could be limiting for that group.


Unless you used the laser cutters


If no one has contacted her by Friday, I’ll follow up with her for more information.


I scheduled some time to talk on Wednesday evening


I scheduled time with the sorority by mistake, but will take care of them as well. They are wanting to do a Maker Monday type event on April 15th ( added to our calendar). I sent a message to Leslie just now, hope to talk to her in the next 24 hours.


Leslie will meet me at the space at one of the time I provided her but didn’t indicate when.