Chili for Charity


That’s weird. The last line of my previous message got partially
deleted… What I said was:

as 10 gallons of chili for serving to the crowd.



It got deleted again. I’m posting via the email gateway, let me try it from the web interface…

From my experience a number of years ago, I’d recommend having as much as 10 gallons of chili for serving to the crowd.


Thanks for the input Steve. We are entering the Chili for Charities competition which means we will not be entered in the Peoples Choice. I am thinking about entering the Salsa competition and would have Salsa at the booth for sampling. I thought that would be a way to get more people to the booth without having to make 10 gallons of chili or more.


It has been a while since I participated as a contestant (I’ve been a
judge the last few years), but as I remember it, you don’t “enter” the
people’s choice. Everyone is effectively in that category by default.
Anyway, your mileage may vary and and if there is interest in doing it
next year, I might be able to help more too.



I don’t know what the rules were before. But

“Your Chili for Charity can be prepared ahead of time and brought to the Cookoff. But if you cook on site and follow the rules, you can also enter in any of the other categories too. The only category Charities don’t get to enter is Sharon Sawyer’s People’s Choice, but the prize for the best Chili for Charity is big enough to make up for that.
With more than 8,000 in attendance, the Wichita Wagonmasters’ Downtown Chili Cookoff is a great opportunity to promote your charity and its mission.”


The Salsa sounds like a great idea Robert. I will be at the space most of Sunday (from about 3:30 till we quit working on the wheelchair thing)…
Does 3:00-3:30 seem like enough time to get that fixed? Is that a good time for you?


You are correct. That is totally different than it has been prior to
this year. It also doesn’t make sense… I mean, if you aren’t going to
be serving chili, then nobody is going to come to your booth. But if you
aren’t eligible for the people’s choice award, then why should you be
serving chili?

Anyway, good luck on the judging part of things, and it will be
interesting to see how it turns out.



Ladenna: yes I can be there at 3 and that should be plenty of time to get it done.


Cool. I tested my new canopy and I was able to put it up by myself… so we have that 10x10 booth ready to go.

How many tables would we like? I don’t have a propane burner, but do have a little propane grill… are we going to need something like that to keep the chili hot?


Three tables should be plenty, two across the front of the booth and one in back for displays. I bought a small butane grill so we should be set for that. We can discuss other stuff for the booth this afternoon.


Ladenna: I had another idea for the booth. Can I get a copy of the photos that run on the web site? I have a laptop I can bring and I thought we could run the photos on it to show more of the spaces. If not I may be able to take some and have them scrolling.


I am sure Kim could probably get us the photos… Paul did a 360 walkthrough of the space… I wonder if we could play that? (Too bad we don’t have some virtual reality glasses…lol)


I have one of those frames, that plays photos if you want to borrow that.


Malissa: How big is your frame? Is it battery powered?


it’s 8x10 and has a plug, no battery.


Thanks Malissa, we won’t have any electrical power in the booth but we should be able to us my lap top on battery. I was wondering though if you had something from textiles we could display in the booth to promote your space. It would be cool if we could use the manikin with something made in the space on it. If not the manikin anything that shows what you can do would be great. We will have it back Saturday night.


I have a dress In donating to the Auction I can place on the mannequin Friday.


Cool. We are picking up stuff to take on Friday and we will grab that. We were wanting some bigger stuff…


Awesome Malissa. Thanks


If anyone else has an item you plan to put in the auction that we could display at the chili cook off please let us know. This would be a great way to attract attention to our booth, the make space, and the auction.