Chili for Charity

Is anyone interested in a starting us a Chili for Charity team? I understand they waived the $35 fee this year and I think it could give us some good exposure. (There is also a booth decoration contest if we want to get all makery :slight_smile:

CHILI FOR CHARITY: Chili For Charity is for non‐profit organizations
looking to win cash and gain exposure for their cause. This is the only
category allowed to hand out promotional materials.
Stakes are high because the winning team gets a $1,000 donation to their
charity (and boasting rights for a year).
Teams that enter the Chili For Charity category are not eligible for Sharon
Sawyer’s Peoples’ Choice but are automatically entered in the Cecille
Kallenberger’s Team Spirit, Best Booth, and Grand Champion competitions
like all the other teams. More about that below so keep readin’.
Chili in this category can be prepared in advance and brought to the Chili
Cookoff so long as it meets health‐code requirements.
Non‐profits are free to enter any other category but entries in other
categories must meet all of the requirements for that category–like cooking
their chili on site like everybody else.
Chili in this category is submitted to the Judging Area in 32 oz. cups just like
other categories.

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We would have to enter by Sept. 18th and it is on Sept. 22nd.

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This sounds fun. You can use my commercial kitchen if you want to prepare the chili ahead of time. I’d contribute some money toward ingredients, too.


It’s the same weekend as Open Streets, one day a weekend is it for me or I’d commit.

Rats… that is awkward timing. Do we have anyone who wants to help out in this way? I sure do think it would be a good press for us. I know we must have a master chili maker in this crowd…

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I am a new member but would be willing to make the chili. I have a recipe that has won a few competitions. I am not much on decorating a booth but can supply the chili.


Cool. That sounds great. I will get the paperwork started.
Since we are a charity, we have the option to cook the chili ahead of time… or we can cook it at the event

I will probably cook it ahead of time. I don’t have a propane stove.

Logan also offered his commercial kitchen should you like to take him up on it!

Since we only have to make enough for the judges I will just make it at home. I do appreciate the offer Logan. Thanks

Ladeana, do we have any plans for decorating our booth? I thought it might be good if each team lead could provide something made in their space that could be displayed. Do we have enough brochures to hand out? Are there other members that would be able to help work the booth? Set up starts at 6am on the 22nd and they ask that the booths stay up until 3:30. Last question did you get the form filled out for participating?


I have attempted to put in our paperwork for participating. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to want to submit. (I suspect the $0 amount is causing it some issues… so I have an email in to the Wagonmasters to see what to do about that.)

I will see if I can get some examples from each area. Very good idea. I also want to check and see if i need to haul a table to the place or what the normal “booth” would look like there.

I have some brochures in the back of my car with a nice little stand for them that Kim made on the laser cutter. I will grab a few extra from the space as well. (Last I looked we had a ton of them… but that could change :slight_smile: )

We sure could use some help manning the booth to talk to people about MakeICT. It is a pretty easy job. I can stay the whole time if needs be… but I really could use some help… anyone have time to help me???
Even a few hours would work.
6am - 8am

Pick a couple of hours to tell people how much you enjoy MakeICT, run and grab yourself some chili and enjoy the festivities. This should be super fun and it could net us a few people to help support our new building.
I will also ask Kim to put this on the volunteer signup list.

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Newsletter is going out tomorrow morning so send me a 1-paragraph blurb and I will also add it to the volunteer list based on that.

We really need to prioritize open streets though since it’s at our space, so if you can only do one thing, do that!

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Open streets is 12:00-4:00pm on the 23rd… so spend a couple of hours at each and still have time to check out the advanced learning library :slight_smile: and do your laundry…lol

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Oops… Visit Wichita has the Open Streets down from 12:00-4:00… but Open Streets shows it as 12:00-5:00 … so they are probably right lol

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My wife and I can be there from 6am to noon.

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It is on the volunteer form :slight_smile: Either reply here or signup there, either way!

I saw we have a banner in the storage room. Will we be able to use it for the chili booth? Also do we have a canopy? I was thinking I could pick up everything the night before the cook off and load it into my pickup so we would not have to get around so early on Saturday the 22nd if that is okay. They want the booth up and ready no later than 9 am and will close the street to traffic by 8 am. I will lock the truck in the garage overnight so everything would be secure.

MakeICT has a canopy that is bigger, but super hard to put up. I just ordered one for my backyard that is 10x10 and is supposed to be easy setup. It arrives today. I will verify it is and then we can put it in your pickup. We can grab some of the folding tables from MakeICT, but we probably want to make sure they are back by Sunday at noon since they might be needed at open streets. I will check with Barb this morning that the Banner can be used.

Ladenna: were you able to get us registered for the cook off?