Ceramics Studio Monthly Get-Together - Idea Feedback


We have been discussing the idea of having a once-monthly social get-together for active members of the ceramics studio. This would be a pot-luck affair, nothing fancy, not too much, where those of us with a lot of passion and ideas for the studio, and ceramics in general, could get together and talk all things clay… and have food!

There wouldn’t be an agenda. We image, based on what we already see happening, people might want to:

  • talk about and show off pieces they’ve recently made
  • share tips and techniques
  • demo new techniques they’ve had success with, and
  • help us shape what’s happening in the studio to make sure it’s meeting everyone’s needs (ideas on glazes to get, if something we’ve rearranged or changed is working or not, etc. etc.).

So, a couple polls to gather feedback and maybe even nail down a time that works for the majority!

First off, what do you think of this idea:

  • Great Idea, Count Me In!
  • Meh, I’ll Stay Home

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If you like this rockin’ awesome idea, which times work best for you (mark all that apply):

  • Socializing is NOT for Me
  • Monday Evening
  • Tuesday Evening
  • Wednesday Evening
  • Thursday Evening
  • Friday Evening
  • Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Afternoon
  • Saturday Evening
  • Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Sunday Evening

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Thanks for your feedback! We’ll give this some time to percolate with folks and come back with a verdict. Thanks for your involvement in the ceramics studio. We appreciate all of you!


I like this idea.
What i would like to see, is a challenge project
This month make a abstract treehouse or tree.
Some people (me for one ) will have never done something like that. But with the resources at Makeict there’s plenty of helpers :evergreen_tree:

Steve C.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting process! It looks like folks are resoundingly in support of our ceramics social idea, and it also looks like Sunday’s are the most popular time to do that. So, Let’s do one last round of voting to narrow down the time of month and the time of day, shall we!

Which week of the month is your fave (pick as many as you like):

  • 1st Sunday
  • 2nd Sunday
  • 3rd Sunday
  • 4th Sunday

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What times on Sunday work for you (pick as many as you like):

  • 9 AM
  • 10 AM
  • 11 AM
  • Noon
  • 1 PM
  • 2 PM
  • 3 PM
  • 4 PM
  • 5 PM
  • 6 PM
  • 7 PM
  • 8 PM
  • 9 PM

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Thanks everyone!


We’ve had a couple of voters. Let’s get some more! Keep those votes coming! :slight_smile:


Bump! Bump!

Keep those votes coming! :smiley:


Totally cool idea… makes me want to go dip my hands in the mud :slight_smile: