Ceramics Studio Glaze Update

We have updated the glazes in the studio and @ScottS has been working hard on some amazing new sample cups that we’ll be glazing to replace the old sample tiles. Stay tuned for those, they’re really going to be very nice.

Because of supply chain issues, Amaco has not been able to produce and ship many of their glazes resulting in shortages of many of our regular glazes. Evan’s has been waiting over two months and still doesn’t have a ship date set for their resupply and don’t know what they’ll be receiving.

So we have had to substitute with other brand glazes for similar colors. These are all well marked and we hope they work out well. If you have feedback from using them let me know so we can update the glaze list with instructions for everybody.

In addition, Duncan Renaissance glazes have sadly been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The glaze list has been updated with a fresh copy up in the studio.

Please, remember that glaze is 75 cents per ounce. There are payment envelopes next to the blue cash box by the door. Put your name, date, and write ‘glaze’ on it so we can track it.


Would it be possible to make glazes for the studio? I’ve been given some resources to make different types of glazes with a large volume. I think it could be a fun project for the ceramics studio.


So long as safety is kept in mind during the mixing process and the finished product is considered food safe, I think we’d be very interested. @rglazapple took a class a while ago at Mark Arts I think on mixing glazes and had some excitement about it but then we moved and the world ended. LOL

We were planning on mixing from dry for the dip station that I promise will get built soon since it’s much cheaper.

Anywho, there’s interest. Let’s talk. Are you available on Maker Monday or Ceramics Tuesday?


Will these be commercially mixed powdered glazes or will you be mixing your own? One thing to be very mindful of if mixing your own is the toxicity of various components of glazes and the airborne potential. I am going to start mixing some of my glaze recipes in a month or two, but only if there isn’t anyone in the pottery room working. I didn’t have a place to safely store the components at home, so that halted me a bit. There are some amazing glaze recipe books out there too. I am also looking for a scale that measures accurately, since that’s important. The ones John Britt (the potter who gave the workshop) had looked like something out of Breaking Bad. Lol. We also had to wear respiratory masks for mixing.


@pwhutchi and @rglazapple These are great questions, I’m not sure. I was referred this website Glazy by my ceramics friend in PA, she collects her own clays and makes glazes for her studio.

I plan on being there sometime next week but if there’s a specific date/time that you want to meet, just let me know.


I love this enthusiasm. The reason why the scales look like they are out of breaking bad is because both are chemistry. Like honest to goodness chemistry.

This version of chemistry is far more legal though, and less likely to get you shot!


Yep, when I was looking at scales to buy, my husband said if we ever have scales like that in the car and get stopped by the police, he’ll pretend that I kidnapped him and forced him in the car. Lol.


Glazy is a great site!

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Sound Exciting, Can’t wait