Ceramics Studio A/C Progress Thread - ¡The Air is On!

Don’t let this amazing fall weather fool you! Soon enough it’s going to be miserable, hot, humid, and gross again (maybe even tomorrow, who knows!). I’m happy to report work began last night!

Going, going, gone:

I’ll get this painted up and weather sealed this weekend so work can continue next Tuesday.

Thanks to our great Facilities Team for your continuing hard work making our Makerspace! Work nights are Tuesday’s every week, and there’s always something to do.


I run hot. ANY time there is A/C work and help is needed PLEASE feel free to contact me!


They have work nights Tuesday nights. Find Joe and he’ll put you to work. They’re working on a/c units and curtains to keep us all cool, along with other maintenance stuff that needs doing.


a couple of people sounded excited about learning and watching the installation of the a/c units during my class tonight. I know Joe and Domy would definitely appreciate any help.

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More progress was had this weekend. Hopefully Tuesday will be the big day!


And we have unit number one installed!!! It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, it’s cool, and it’s dry!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!