Ceramics Glazing Day, Saturday 4/21/18, 1PM - 4PM

If you’ve got pieces hanging out that need glazed, but you haven’t come in to do it yet because you were unsure how, or just wanted some help and advice, we’ll be having a Glazing Day this Saturday, April 21st, from 1 PM - 4 PM.

We have a variety of glazes available to paint on your pieces with a brush, and a couple options for dip glazing your pieces. Glaze is 75 cents / ounce. A typical small bowl takes an ounce or two, so bring a couple bucks to help cover the cost of your glaze. Or, you are always welcome to buy your own glaze at Evans Ceramics, just be sure that it says it is a Cone 5-6 / Cone 6 (mid/high fire) glaze and doesn’t have any special requirements (beyond Cone 5-6) for timing / temperature / holding in the instructions to get the desired results (the staff there are very helpful and knowledgeable and can help you make sure).

Stop on by and let’s get some of this backlog of bisqueware ready to glaze!

Would you like a FB event or calendaring created?

I was wondering who to talk to about that! Just a calendar event, don’t want a FB event for this one.

I will get to it this evening if Christian or Kim don’t beat me to it.

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Done and up on the calendar

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