Ceramic hands made into 3d print

hey there I have a unique case that the McPherson makerspace has referred me to you guys on.

I have two ceramic hands that are perfect imprints of my late grandparents - anyways they told me at McPherson makerspace I would need a Stl or obj file of it then they could do a 3d print of it

please let me know if this is something you can do

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Do you have a picture of them so we can get an idea of the contour

Actually if all you want is to replicate them you might consider making a silicone mold. Then you can make them out of whatever. I’m no expert by far. But we do have someone who makes molds of detailed space ships and paints them I think.

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Okay could you put me in touch with him?

Those are cool I dont think my 3d scanner would capture the detail in those.

I’m still trying to learn it

Here’s a good video on how mold making is done.

You really don’t have to use the expensive silicones they sell. Regular old silicone through a caulking gun will work too.
Ive never done it but watched robbie Maxwell do it once.

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Also check out mixing dish soap as a Catalyst in with your silicone It helps speed up the process