Can someone teach me Fusion 360?

i can pay in cookies and mixtapes.

There will be a class on the schedule for August 1 if it’s not already there.

Is there something specific you are looking for, or just in general?

If you come in on Tuesday nights for “Jimmy and Steve’s project night” … we work on Fusion 360 every week. We would be glad to give you a hand with anything you are struggling with.

If there is some specific topics you are looking for, throw them out, and it might be an easy explanation.

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Are the “Jimmy and Steve’s” project nights like every Tuesday? Or is it a bi-weeky or once a month gathering?

Every Tuesday night. The official times are 6:30 - 8:30. Though, I am typically there around 3, and we are usually around till 10 or midnight working on the Tormach.

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I’m also interested in learning Fusion 360, I will be looking for a class after Aug 12 due to vaca.

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Might also think about forming a fusion 360 support group. All of us that use it and want to get better at it.


I’d be in favor of a Fusion 360 Support Group/Users Group as well. Nothing like knowledge sharing! I like the idea and would support it. With Fusion 360, there is always something to learn!
Mike G

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Talk tag is added. I’m not around the space much, but weekly/biweekly meeting usually works out for most peeps

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Cool now maybe I’ll make myself learn apparel pattern making on the computer

I would sure join.