I know it’s been a while for most of us, or for others, the purpose and policies behind how MakeICT functions may still be a bit fuzzy. Well, whether you’ve been out of the loop or if you want to know more, here’s links to MakeICT’s Bylaws and policies and a quick rundown of what is in each.

Please be aware that we did a complete re-work of the bylaws under the previous board. So if you haven’t looked at the bylaws since April, it’s worth a refresher.

-covers duties of the board members
-how meetings are called and when
-how and by who money can be spent/received

-There’s a lot of sub links under Rules and Policies
-Standing Rules has a lot of info of who can be at the space
-Property Removal is pretty much the infamous 3 Nerd Rule
-Also explains why we have a video camera surveillance system