Butterfly Garden updates

Here are some photos from the pollinator garden, and a couple of videos of the Hyles lineata moths which have been frequenting the lantana lately. This moth (the white lined sphinx moth) is one of the hummingbird moths, which are important pollinators globally.

daytime video, wing speed slowed to see color/pattern

nighttime video, natural speed


Love the what I think is the red hydrangeas and the bee balm

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They are, from top to bottom:
Aromatic aster (two large mounds in the mosaic flowerbed)

Butterfly milkweed (hopefully next year we will have monarch caterpillars on these)

Coneflower (Echinacea)

Lantana (the butterflies’ favorite), which is annual in our zone

Threadleaf coreopsis (this hardy plant is blooming in wild areas near here, like Chapin park)

And two species of Agastache, aka Hyssops aka hummingbird mint

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Im getting rusty lol lantanas and cone flower are are some id like to try

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