Brush pile help please

I trimmed up the big oak to make it easier to mow around. We now have a sizeable brush pile I need help with. Maybe a trailer haul off.


Good work sir. That tree nearly bested me when I mowed last! Pretty sure I have a permanent scar from the battle.

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Would it be something the garden would or could use for compost?

Only if they have a chipper. Some is large.


Thanks for doing that Brian. I will take that off of our list for Facilities. It has been on there for a while and nobody has had a chance to get to it. I too have had scrapes, and almost knocked off the mower from those low hanging limbs.

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If we can find a truck, I know someone with a wood chipper. I can usually use the chipper if I buy the owner a bottle of red wine.


A bit late to the party here but if you need a deal or recommendation on wine, my husband is the man to know @Sommodile - shameless plug for his store Auburn Wine & Spirits (east side). You won’t find him there on a Sunday or a Monday.


I’ll keep this in mind, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Can use my trailer to haul it. My work schedule has had me out of town for most of the last month and a half so I’m working to catch up on stuff at home but if it’s just a matter of getting the brush moved, I could probably help.

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Unfortunately the chipper I have access to is broken. Sorry y’all.

I need a limb for a play. I will look at the pile tomorrow and see what I can take

I didn’t have time after meeting with my client and measuring fabric. I will be by tomorrow or Friday if it’s still there.

If it’s clean the garden will take it all, big stuff can be burnt in our (hopefully not-much-longer) imaginary fire pit

It looked like it was all green. I don’t think it’ll burn that well.

I’m patient. But if someone wants to cart it elsewhere I can still be patient, just in a different way

I have tree limbs.


I may swing by (if it’s still there) to steal some limbs for Halloween porch decorations. :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:

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I need at least three and one needs to be big enough 3 middle or high school students can pretend to be 2 birds carrying a turtle. For more information come to the play at one of it’s performances. More information to come.

It’s been a week since the tree was trimmed. I don’t think we should let it sit there much longer. Does anybody have a place for it to go? Or do we need to just get it hauled to the c&d?

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