BREK Create: Ceramics Studio Tour

I had the change to take a tour of the ceramics studio at BREK Create in Brekenridge this morning, and it was just AMAZING! I got a great tour and got to take some pictures of how their studio is set up:

Outside - BREK Create is a collection of buildings with different studios in each in downtown Brekenridge.

Inside - Great big space! Easy to mop floors. Ventilation. Power not on floor.

Bragging / Magazine Wall

Wheels for days, in a very easy to teach arrangement.

Tons of storage for members.

Awesome drying rack.

Great racks for pieces ready to fire.

Separate kiln room with two kilns and tons of great storage.


Wow, that’s really cool Patrick. Any idea what it costs to be a member or use their space?


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Serious studio envy!!! This is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

I bet they get lots of subsidies from the city. Super nice looking!

They aren’t a makerspace in the same sense that we are. It’s more like City Arts on crack. They were started by the city and are run by their own nonprofit now. There’s a strong focus on class-based offerings. An annual membership ($50) gets you discounted rates on classes at their various studios. Here’s a look at their ceramics schedule (sorry for the bad picture):

Thanks Patrick for the additional info… - Curt

The studio is split. Half is used by Rocky Mountain College to offer classes. One of the kilns is actually theirs.

You can read more about the history or the organization here:

Wow, it is soooooooo clean!
And all those wheels…!

I’m going to go ahead and add that they have nice drying racks and ready-to-fire racks… but ours have nicer pieces sitting on them. :grinning:


It was spotlessly clean. Sooo easy to mop.