Botanica Barn event

James has been booked for another stem event.

When: September 3rd - 1000‐1400
Where: Botanica Barn

Ill be running STEM, and have Judith with me. Maybe some HV demos. I would lpve to show off stuff there. Who wants to tag along?

From them:
September 3rd sounds great! The inside of the party barn is approx. 16ft by 30ft of usable space with a counter, sink, and power. The barn doors are generally left open for guests to enter and you can expand into the farm courtyard area if needed. The kids that visit range in age from preschool to junior high.


I don’t know if silverwork/jewelry would fit 100% but i could probably work on something.


Lol yes!

I plan to be there with some LEDs and Judith.

Looks like we will have some jewelry there, what else!

I have fabric tissue paper dying kits, are we allowed to charge or is this a free event?