Board Tasks from June 21, 2018

To-dos from last board meeting:

@TODO ( @jameslancaster , no date): write proposal for partnership with Lake Afton Observatory.
@TODO ( @kim , no date): Put question on all member survey to determine if members want all nominations and acceptances to be made public next year.
@TODO (@ladeana, no date): Organize a town hall style meeting to discuss how the votes were analyzed.
@TODO (@Zac Linhart, Before the next board meeting.): Create a policy proposal regarding working on weapons in the makerspace.

This is your friendly reminder from your perky Board of Directors secretary that you’ll be asked to report out on these tasks at the next regularly called board meeting on July 12, 2018 at 7pm in the Makerspace classroom.

If you have any questions regarding these to-do, please refer to the June 21 meeting minutes. They can be found at:

Happy Making!

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I like the reminder!

I decided NOT to include a question in the member survey about public nominations because it seemed oddly specific, and after that task was assigned we had a bunch more discussion about many controversial things, so much that we decided to schedule an on purpose town hall meeting on Monday July 16 at 7pm. I can easily see an election-themed survey coming out of that, and actually from my memory I had said I’d “ask people on a survey or something”, not necessarily have a question about nominations on the all member survey. That survey’s purpose is about setting our goals for the year, not policy changes.

Maybe next board meeting we should review tasks at the end because I would have re-worded this one.

All member survey is here:



Glad you like it. :slight_smile: In the future, should I try to have this up two weeks before the next board meeting or is the week before okay? If all the board could chime in on this question, that would be awesome (@kim @ladeana @David @paul.maseberg @JeremiahB @jameslancaster @Malissa).

Soooo, I just copied and pasted from last month’s minutes. We should definitely review to dos at the end of the meetings.

I like that you replied with an update here. We still need to review these and future todos as part of the next meeting so we can officially resolve them.

Happy Saturday!

I really like the reminder. 2 weeks out seems fine with me.

If we could have the agenda made up for the most part two weeks out with a link to any materials we might need to review, I suspect we could move the meeting along better…

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