Board Meeting Thursday February 20th

Hey there Makers!

Our next board meeting will be this Thursday February 20th at 7pm at 1500 Douglas!

All are welcome to sit in with the new board as we go thru the agenda.

We will be discussing:

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Booth Update

The agenda for the 20th can be found on the wiki under the following link:

If you think something is missing from the agenda or just needs to be added, please contact the Secretary at or reply to this post.

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Quarterly meeting needs to be figured out for March


…“Sit in with the new board”? Has something changed that is not reflected by the list here?

Fundraising is going along.

Many of the grants aren’t open yet. But they will be soon.

Initial contact with Sherman Williams
Star Lumber is ongoing. Offering a discount.
Mabee - need to determine what we can ask for. Cannot do this without knowing what we have already in donations.
Need to remind members of the Make ICT smile app on Amazon - Maybe put this in the newsletter?
Plates catalogued and ready to be photographed.