Board meeting June 21 2018

Our next board meeting will be Thursday June 21 2018 at 7pm in our classroom.

Anyone who’d like to suggest an agenda item can do so by replying in this thread. Please suggest your item as soon as practical so the board has time to do homework and discuss before an item needs to be voted on. The agenda will be posted here:

Last year the June board meeting was a bit of a fiasco because we waited until the end of the meeting to announce who was on the board. This year we will not do that :slight_smile: Per the bylaws: “Each elected director shall serve from the time of their election at the annual meeting until the following annual meeting (1 year)” I personally wish there was some transition time built in there, so we find out who’s elected and they have a month or so to get up to speed before we throw the reigns over, but as always we will do our best. So new board, the annual meeting is June 17, voting will be done June 19, you will be informed June 20 that you’re on the board, and on June 21 it’s your meeting so be there. Fun!

We need to make a list of these things that seem wrong about the bylaws. Then we would have something to compare against when we want to change them. (whether we do it piecemeal or in one fell swoop, we could check to make sure we didn’t repeat anything obviously wrong)

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As the board meetings wasn’t on the schedule in May. I scheduled a class for tomorrow night. I will be in the building around the corner in Textiles. Grab me if needed.

I’d like to be able to teleconference in tonight. I know I made campaign promises to be there and all, but putting my body in that building ain’t happening tonight. Hopefully it will be possible sometime soon, but c’est la vie. Teleconferencing isn’t ideal – I got about a third of what was said at the Annual Meeting, but it is better than nothing. Kez helped out at the Annual Meeting. You available tonight as well, Kez?

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I gotcha David.
Everyone else, I will be running super close/late today. If anyone gets there early and is able to start boot up two of the MakeICT laptops for me, I would really appreciate it. I’ll be coming straight from work and hope to make it on time.
Thank you.

I have your back Kez. I will boot two laptops for you ahead of time.

Thank you so much!!!

Kez Cook

Board Member

I plan on sending a limited number of stats directly to you (Kim) for the Treasurer’s Report. Please forgive the limited scope…I fully intend to be back to 100%, at least as far as Treasurer’s duties are concerned, by the next Board meeting. I had also planned on spending the week following my return from NOMCON to confirm where each Area is in relation to their budget, but the best laid plans and all that…I am now in a position where I can sit at my desk again, so I’ll be spending the next week doing what I had planned on spending the last week doing. I would like to speak to the Lead in each area as I get their spending tally verified. If each Area Lead could email me their contact information, that would be helpful.

Also please plan on setting a few moments aside to discuss my replacement as Security Lead. I would like two minutes to speak, and then plan on making a motion to appoint my replacement. All concerned parties are expected to be present.