Board meeting July 12

Our next board meeting will be Thursday July 12 at 7pm.

Agenda will be here:

Please have new agenda items identified two weeks in advance (July 2) and any resulting policy proposals that we’d be voting on ready for comment by the week before (July 9)

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I thought it was moved to the 12th?

I think that was discussed, but more board members could make the 16th.
On the other hand, we do have the Voting Town Hall on the 12th. :slight_smile:

Oh, I did not realize the town hall had been set.
Thank you,

Well, we’ve had some board schedule updates since I posted this so we might be moving it to the 12th. Stay posted. I don’t like to shotgun changes until I hear from everybody.

We might switch the town hall with the board meeting.

Both will be darn fun to attend.

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Today I switched the board meeting with the town hall, so the town hall can be Monday the 16th and the board meeting can be Thursday the 12th.

@ladeana can you post a separate thread about the election town hall/who’s helping/what people want to hear about?


I would like to see updates from the committees. What they have been doing, what they have planned, do they need help etc.

I would like to see the same thing from the makerspace Director. I know we gave him the ok to get rid of consignment, get electrical bids etc. Other areas would like to have card readers, and authorization required signs. Can we also get an assistant Director to take some of the load off Christian? There have been many people willing to help, but it seems they get pushed away. We need to work together and in a forward direction.

As a committee lead I agree. Having a more formal report would sure help me have a bit more motivation.

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Please remind me…are board meetings exclusive to board members? Or can a non-board MakeICT member attend (meaning ME!)?

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Anyone can attend.

And often committees leads will give a report

I definitely want to get back to hearing committee reports at board meetings. Here’s the email I’m going to send to each lead. Or at least the gist of it.

Hi [committee lead] - I am contacting all committee leads ahead of the July 12th board meetings to say that we’d really like a report from you about what’s been going on with the [committee] committee. Two questions we’ll bring up there:

  1. Does your committee have a filled-in wiki page with your purpose, strategy, responsibilities, highlights from last year, long term goals, members, how to join, and when you meet? Can we find it from the page?

  2. Does your committee have a board report for this month’s meeting with your accomplishments from last month, short term goals, questions concerns needs, open volunteer opportunities? This can be presented in person or posted to the forum.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.