Board Meeting April 19

Our next board meeting will be Thursday April 19 from 7pm-8:30pm.

The agenda will be posted here:

To recommend an agenda item email me or reply here. New items must be added by Thursday April 12.


Set a date for June’s Membership meeting, and where it will be held. Discuss when to open the floor to board nominations.

Last year the call for nominations went out the 3rd Saturday in May, annual meeting 3rd Saturday in June. Questions for the board were assembled about two days before the annual meeting which is way late, I’d like to have them together a week in advance. We accepted nominations right up until and maybe even AT the annual meeting, which seems fine to me. Then members get 48 hours to vote.

So maybe at the May board meeting we open the call for nominations, so 2018 will look like:

May 18 call for nominations & questions
June 9 deadline for questions
June 16 Annual Meeting

I’ll put this proposal in the agenda to discuss.

Update on safety issues list

Search for consignment lead, or replace with vending machines

Talk about allocation of funds for a new building. That way we have a pot to put building donations into when fundraising etc.

LaDeana and I were talking about a to do list for MakeICT. Anything from cameras, continued cleaning, etc. This list could be tracked, and brought up at each board meeting, so we can see progress and constantly move forward. Could also put a call out for volunteers based on the list.

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There are two volunteer lists I know of now. First is the form under “contribute” on our website that I keep up to date with big events and tasks:

Second is this wiki page that I’ve suggested be brought up at the area lead meeting, it’d be nice if each area and committee kept their opportunities up to date here:

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Updates to building access/ badge policy:

Access policy policy proposal: