Board Meeting - 21 November 2019

Hey there Makers!

Our next board meeting will be this Thursday November 21st at 7pm!

All are welcome to sit in with the new board as we go thru the agenda.

We will be discussing:

  1. New Building Status
  2. MakeICT Founding Day - Dec 3rd
  3. MakeICT Garage Sale - Dec 5th - Dec 8th

The agenda for Thursday can be found on the wiki under the following link:

If you think something is missing from the agenda or just needs to be added, please contact the Secretary at or reply to this post.

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Committee Lead and interest sign-up form:

Will there be a form for Area Leads / Asst. Leads to use to put their hat in the ring for next year?

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I can do that as well. Just wanted to get the one we’re behind on done and not confuse anyone. If there’s no objection I can set that one up by Thursday.

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We need to set the date for the Quarterly meeting in December.

Fundraising report. I’ll be there, but this will make it easier to get in the minutes.

Board Report November

  • No additional funds this month. Potentially $4,500 - waiting on answer in next few days.
  • Need to get financials and amounts of donations made in the boxes.
  • Until move-in, have a fundraising newsletter – pushes, reminders, where are we at?
  • Founding Day kickoff of fundraising drive for new home. 12/3-4/1
    • Party – December 3, Giving Tuesday
    • Naming rights for hallways
    • Go Fund Me
    • Encourage individual fundraising for MakeICT – facebook campaigns
    • Encourage makers who sell product to choose a day/week to donate a portion of their profit to Make.
    • Auction – selling donated items and packages of donated goods from the community.
  • Room Naming rights: Begin in earnest after first of the year.
    • Matrix of rooms/companies
    • Fundraising will approach with coordinated effort
  • Bingo – considering it, asking for volunteers. If we hit 30 potential volunteers by Wednesday (will know by meeting) we will suggest we do it, otherwise we will need to decline for the moment and try again later.
  • Strategic Plan
    • Meeting in January to develop plans for future
  • What do we need from the Board?
    • Access to emailing
    • Confirmation when account set up/information on how to use.
    • Michelle email for make