Blast Cabinet needs media replaced

Saturday morning I stopped in prior to class to media blast a stamped steel cover (from an old car I am restoring) to use as my project piece for the Powder Coating Basics class. After an hour of attempting to remove the old paint from this small piece I gave up and used something else for my powder coat project. The blast cabinet just isn’t doing the job.

Assistant Lead John Miranda was there and suggested cleaning the nozzle, which while partially clogged didn’t improve performance. Also tried reorienting the pickup tube, with no effect. Our conclusion is the blast media is old/contaminated and needs to be replaced. And with an appropriate media suitable for removing paint from metal. I know my friend gets his blast media from Tractor Supply, but there are probably several other sources as well.

Do I need to submit a work ticket on the Blast Cabinet? Or is notification here on the forum sufficient?

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Forum is sufficient… I’ll bring in a fresh box tomorrow.

The aggregate that is in there right now is only a month old, but I think it’s a softer grade of aggregate than the black stuff I usually throw in there.

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Excellent. Thanks Rusty.

I buy 50lb bags of black media from Menards for around $5. I usually dump the bag in a 5 gallon bucket and put a lid on it for storage. When we have jobs that require significant blasting I will stock up with 4-5 5gal buckets as it is so cheap. I’ve never ‘worn out’ media, I know it is possible, but usually change it for contamination from oils and grease. Menards has a tan sand that doesn’t seem to be as abrasive which is good when you are looking for a smoother final finish like for chrome work…