Bisque Fire Completed: 10/23/2018

We’ve got a lovely crop of new pieces ready for glazing.

I do have the unfortunate duty of sharing the sad news that the absolutely amazing plaque made by @rglazapple for Logan’s Epic Fire Truck Halloween did not survive. I won’t post pictures. It’s much too gruesome. :disappointed_relieved: A million thanks to Rhonda for the countless hours of work and awesome talent she unleashed on this project.

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That makes me :cry:

I will start another plaque for Logan on Monday. I will see about arranging to get it to him once it has been completed. I took a break today from the studio, but I will remake the plaque so he has one.

I should never joke about the kiln Gods before a glaze or bisque fire. I am just glad it didn’t ruin anyone else’s work.

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I have no doubt the next one will be even better!