Bingo Anyone?

We have an opportunity to host Bingo Nights each month to raise money for the space. However, we need volunteers. It is a big commitment, and we don’t want to over extend.

Who would be willing to work a Bingo night one night a month. Each night is five hours on a Wednesday night. If we get enough interest by Wednesday, we will go forward with this, if we don’t, we will need to decline. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them. We met with the folks from the Bingo parlor, and have a lot of information.

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how late do I have to stay up on wednesday night?

10:15 ish

I’m interested in helping, and have a couple other folks who are. There is another Bingo hall opening up down south, so there will be other openings available soon if the time you discussed with the other guy doesn’t work out. The short timeline is not going to be enough to thoroughly education and enlist our members, and we should have the board vote to approve moving forward with this.

I believe this would fall under our new committee policy. My biggest concern is we would have to have someone there who is authorized to sign a check as they give us cash and we write a check for their rent and paper.

There are potential financial and legal repercussions that require approval before engaging in charitable gaming. It’s a significant commitment that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that Bingo could be the way we finance and make this building move work for the long-term. We just need to have all our ducks in a row on this.


I absolutely agree, but before we let the board decide, we have to know if we have staff, because I can’t do it every week. I don’t want the board to agree, then we start gauging interest. Or worse sign up then not have enough people.

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I am also willing to help out

  • Willing to help out with bingo consistently
  • Wont be able to make it consistently
  • Only able to help rarely

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I had a dusty old brain cell fire up a red light. Before we get too excited we need to talk to the lawyer about this. It may have changed… it may be alright… but I remember bingo was specifically on some paperwork back in the day. At the time I was like “meh we will be too busy 3d printing things to worry about bingo.”

Now… that said, I also know people use bingo to raise money for stuff. So if you wanted a bitchy bingo where the proceeds go to MakeICT, it might be easier to go that route.

TLDR: I remember the word bingo on some paperwork I filled out several years ago. (Which is an accomplishment sometimes)


I thought David gave us the go-ahead.

I think we need a calendar so people can fill in the times they can volunteer.

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Kansas has some specific laws regarding gaming and fundraising. IIRC, we can do a bingo fundraiser, but it requires a license and there are some fees. Sounds like fun!

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I would help out every other month, not every month.


If this became a thing, of course the Board would do their due diligence, acquire the required license, consult our attorney, and do everything by the book. The upside is that this could make a significant difference in our bottom line, and could even make our mortgage payments. If you are a volunteer and struggle to find a place to fit in because you don’t know electronics or plumbing or teaching, this requires warm bodies that are willing to do it. Everything you need to learn is provided, your main skill would be showing up when you say you will.

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I would be available to help on an almost weekly basis, but not until after February, 2020 (when I retire). This assumes I am capable of the work they are requiring. Joe Pajor.


Thanks, Joe. I’m certain we’d start at some point after February anyway.