Belt/Disc sander imbalance

The belt/disk sander seemed to be unbalanced. It is walking around a lot. It moved so much that it pulled the plug out of the outlet.

If there is a manual or any maintenance instructions. I will be at the space this weekend and i can take a look.

I found the manual on the wiki, but I did not see anything int he trouble shooting section referencing excessive vibration.

I assume the disk might be off center, but I did not have time to check when I was there.

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I will be there 10-12 this AM and can look.

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After talking to Doug while he was rotating the planner blades. He thought it just needed shimmed. Later @jwithers was using the sander and said it shut off. I checked and it has moved again and pulled the sad / scary looking plug out of its socket.

I moved it back and jammed a couple shims (the thinnest piece of wood scrap I could find in the bin) under the two corners that were rocking, and it stopped moving. Not a permanent solution. They might fall out tomorrow.

I looked and it does have floor stud flanges on the base, so we could bolt it to the ground.

Good luck wood shop.

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Since we’ll be moving it to our new home in a few months, if we can come up with a temporary solution, that would be great. If it needs bolted down, so be it, but something must have changed, since it has lived happily where it is for several years without issues until recently.

I believe it had tapered wood shims under it. Alot of the equipment had shims due to the concrete floor having so many humps. The shims probably got shoved under the base and may still be there.