Bags We All Make Volunteer training

On July 8th, instead of hosting Textile Tribe, I will be training volunteers for BWAM at Maker Faire and preparing materials, which I could use some help as well. Please let me know if you will be attending.

Do you still need help for these at makerfaire?

Yes, I boosted a volunteer post on FB and Instagram. We still need lots of volunteers for Maker faire.

I signed up to volunteer to assist with load in and load out on Friday and Sunday. I do not think I am available on Saturday. Would this be something I could help with on Sunday before load out? I have no sewing or textile skills but wanted to offer anyways.

I bet I can teach you.

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Sounds good sign me up to help on Sunday then.

As I do not have direct access to that account or your pertinent volunteer information. Could you add the shifts your able to assist?


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