Auction of...Things

Not stuff I’d use, but seemed…makery? Thought I’d share the link. I have a verified account if needed.


There are definitely a few things I was eyeing in that bid for the metalshop and MakeICT in general.

-the 48" Precision Metal Straight Edge (those straight edges are great for calibrating equipment)
-the Kurt Single Station Vice (the one we have on the Enco mill has seen better days, and retail those vices run for $500)
-the Blue Kurt Single Station Vice (I like shiny things, and would be nice to have similar vices on the Enco and other eventual milling machines)
-the Haas CNC mini-mill (I am trained on Haas milling machines and can help train whoever buys it regardless if for personal use or donation to MakeICT)
-the fume hoods I could definitely see going to good use for anyone working with epoxies or doing soldering
-the Walker Chuck Magnetic Vise (looks beefier than what I’ve seen and would be very handy in the metalshop, and again go for upwards of $500)
-Granite Precision 36" x 24" working table (if you haven’t heard me lecture on about how great precision flat surfaces are, just know that piece would be an amazing addition to the metalshop, and can go for over $2,000 depending on how well it’s been taken care of)

-Acer Ultima Vertical Milling machine (it’s big, but it is a lot closer to an industrial mill than the Enco. The built in DRO and Power feed make it something I would get on my hands and knees and kiss some horribly stinky feet to have in the metalshop, lightly used versions can go for north of $7500)

-B57 material Handler (if you’ve ever unloaded or loaded a project at MakeICT, you know how handy it would be to have a 1500 lb capacity fork lift around that you could drive through doorways)
-Ingersoll Rand Screw Drive Air Compressor (we don’t need another air compressor, but if you have never heard a screw drive air compressor run before, they are ridiculously quiet next to a conventional piston setup)

If someone is planning on bidding on something, please say so here. Bidding Closes 10/3/2022. If you would like to bid on and donate any of this stuff, please let me know, so that I don’t end up bidding against you or you against me… I like getting stuff for the minimum bid when and if possible.


I’m bidding on a few of those items, but don’t mind competition.

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Gotcha, hopefully one of us ends up with a bargain on some of this equipment.

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That B57 is awesome!!!

Woodshop is intensely interested in the Heavy Duty Metal Dust Pan.
Shop Cyclone Mfg Dust Collection System DC1500
Lot of 3 Round Trash Cans
Trash can rollers.
Lot of 3 Not Round Trash Cans
The Jorgensen clamps

Basically in the above order.

And I personally would be interested in the shrink wrap

Thanks for posting!!!


Just to clarify, I myself am not bidding on any of those things unless someone needs me to and will be paying. :sweat_smile: