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We had 4 members in the last class @timoinnewton, @rglazapple, @dominique.joiner and myself. On November 5th There will be a workshop about the program What Works Workshop. Applications are open for the second class that begins in February thru November 9th. This is a business planning workshop for artists, I’d be happy to share my notes and tell you more about the experience. We have been tasked with each getting 5 people to submit an application. I’d like to see applications from @michelle, @robbiemaxwell000, @JamesConrad, @Erik, and @gail. Anyone else you can think of please tag. Let’s show Wichita the artists we have and let’s become the business-minded artist I know we can be.


I’d love to make the workshop if I can find the time. I would definitely like to see the notes.

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Where do I sign up?

I am definitely more than interested in an artist business class.
I think I heard something about it awhile back but nothing new til reading this post.
How much is the class and when is the next one?

It’s $150 for the 8 weeks. They select 25 people from the applicants. You work in groups of 4 or 5 over the course. The link to the application is the second one in my original post. I checked it and it is working. I’ll bring my books to Final Friday with me and will be happy to answer questions.


I’m honored that you thought of me. But I feel this valuable information would be better applied to someone earlier in their career than mine.

Being retired from my own business, I plan for art to stay as my hobby. I just do a few things here and there to offset my expenses.

If there’s anything I can help you in this venture, please let me know. It would be invaluable to many of the talented people within MakeIct.

Thanks again.


Tomorrows the day!

The second link on the post is the application, those are due Friday.

Currently they have less applicants than the number of spots in the class. They have extended the deadline until Monday. I would really love to see several MakeICT members get in and get this business training for artist.

I would love to do this. I am just extremely busy. Too busy to be honest. :disappointed:

3 hours a week starting in Febuary