Art Supply Swap March 8th 6-8


Got art supplies your not using ? Have a type of art you would like to try but not a lot of money to invest? I will be hosting an art supply swap in the classroom. If you know of a nonprofit organization who could take the left overs please let me know.


I think this is an awesome idea!

Maybe at the end of February we could have a table or space where people could leave supplies, or do you want them all to show up?

We could leave them back there for a week or something, post on freecycle etc, I bet they’ll go. I’ve never failed at freecycling craft supplies.


I was hoping to find a charity for the left overs. We could leave it over the weekend. I was using this to gauge interest in a Creative Reuse space. I noticed today the Goodwill at 47th and Broadway is down to 4 feet of craft and the DAV 47th and Seneca had nothing, the one by the base got rid of crafts months ago. I was also wondering if we wanted to do another garage sale.


@gemma created a flyer for the event. Thanks so much and Project Teacher was recommended as a possible charity to donate to. I will be reaching out to them to see if they are intrested in receiving our leftovers.


Schools can always use craft supplies. Often times teachers spend their own $$ on supplies.


I’m going to reach out to Project Teacher and go from there.


I couldn’t make it but the FB photos look awesome! We should seriously do this again!


We had 30 visitors and gave at least 5 tours. Thanks, @gemma for the help and othrr miembers for hanging out. I think we can try for every 3 months or so.