Arduino / rPi

Hi all,

I’m planning on going down to the makerspace this evening to work on some projects with my arduino / raspberry pi. I’m pretty new to working with these tools and was wondering if anyone with some experience / free time might be around to answer some questions if I run into any issues. OR, if anyone wants to hang out and talk about arduino/rPi I’d be happy to have some conversations!

I’ll be there, probably around seven. Feel free to reply to this, or just come up and say hi!

Thanks in advance,

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I’m currently here working on Pi and Arduino stuff, but unfortunately I’ll have to leave before 7:00.

I plan to be down there between 7:30 and 8:00 to cast a ring, and will be happy to help. I do a lot of projects using Arduino boards of some flavor.

David, thanks for the offer! unfortunately I had a change of plans. I’m here presently, but i’m going to be leaving around 7:00. Thanks for the offer, though!

we have an arduino group that meets tuesdays from 6-830 feel free to join