Any diabetics out there?

My neighbor passed and I have 4 little boxes of ACCU-CHEK test strips that have never been used or touched. Each box has a container with 50 strips. My neighbor thought someone might be able to use these since her husband is gone. I did open one box ONLY to look because I was curious but never touched the strips. Let me know and Ill drop the off at makerspace for you.

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I donated my daughter’s extra supplies to our school nurse. They distributed to needy kids and used them for training and demonstration. Just a thought. And, I’m sorry for your loss.


Thanks, I never thought of that because my kids are grown with kids of their own. It’s been a long time since they were in school

Mine are grown, too. But, our oldest has had Type 1 since she was four. We were always having to teach the teachers how to care for her. The nurses always were grateful for demonstrating with real supplies. And, several diabetic kids just didn’t have the resources that they needed. We still help occasionally.


Diabetes is no joke. One of my grandfathers had it. He lost both legs and one arm before he passed away. One of our members contacted me about them. I am very happy I found a member who needed them.