Is there an airbrush at the makerspace? If not, does anybody know of someone who has one that I can use? I’m looking into buying one but want to try it out first. Also I wanted to see if it can’t connect to the compressors that are at the makerspace.

Awesome, thanks!


I… can’t place one anywhere.

We had talked at one point about a paint booth.

Would an airbrush be a good acquisition? Does that open up new possibilities for everyone?
I got one for the wife that she never touched and I was thinking of using it to pain prints and was curious if you could use it with stains on wood for a fade effect.


Stewart uses air brushing with many types of liquids. Acrylic, Stain, metallic based. Worth a look at his YouTubes.


If all you’re wanting is a small paint sprayer, the Badger 250 is about a cheap as you can find, and it has a pattern that is larger than most “true” airbrushes. It is also much simpler to clean that the needle style airbrush. Other than that, there are always some reasonably priced used Paasche on ebay.

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