A Huge Thank You to our Board members

As I look back on this past year it is with appreciation of our board members. Wow, what a huge undertaking you’ve all had with the purchase of the new building on top of the many other responsibilities intrusted to you.
David, you sacrificed hours upon hours to benefit our collective dream of a permanent home. Your leadership, creativity, determination, agility to jump hoops and perseverance have been just what we needed. You were no doubt the “right” man for the job. While, our execution hasn’t been perfect and we’ve taken the long cut at times, we ARE on the right path, and the finish line is in sight. We owe YOU a debt of gratitude. Thank you for carrying the MAKEICT flag! I am so grateful the new board will have your experience to draw from as they continue to strive to make the best better.
Again, thank you to 2019-2020 board for sharing your talents and time with our community.