400v power supply

Does anyone know where I can find a 400v DC power supply? It doesn’t have to be high amperage, but I’d prefer do some finagling in a breaker panel to get one to work.

I could definitely use one for the testing phase of a big project.

Like this?

High Voltage DC-DC 2mA to 20mA Boost Converter Input 5V Output 280V-1200V and Input 6V~12V Output 400V-1200V Adjustable Power PSU Module https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N15VQHZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_g39zCbKZXD1QM

I’m not sure if that will handle the amperage of this project. Really this setup is 400v max, and under certain conditions, could pull a few hundred amps, but even a few full amps I think is enough for a tech demonstrator.

I’m hoping to have this project presentable by maker fair… but it’s one of those projects that tops my ambitiousness meter…


Do we need to define “high amperage”? :grin:

Even a few amps at 400V is probably going to be a pretty pricey power supply.

The spec sheet on this project says:

Input Voltage: 240v-404v DC
Input Amperage: maximum 950A

Input Voltage for logic: 10.5-16v DC
Input Current for logic: <5A (10A fuse recommended)

I’ll have to contact the supplier about what the minimum is to run the power hungry side of the system.

Maybe if you had 20 brand-new car batteries in series…is that a misprint?

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392 KVA is a reasonably high power, converting watts to horsepower yields 525.7 hp.
Did the specs give a duration for this inrush current, and a steady state current.
Do you have any specifications for the gage of hook up ware
I asked my resident expert, he suggested for AC 2 parallel 500 MCM conductors. He does not work in DC at that power level but will find that wire size.
Note 500 MCM is about the size of a quarter. I’m voting for .950 amps or 950 milliamps

Perhaps he’s fixing the bus!

You may want to make some special service arrangements with Westar before you flip the switch…

525hp, huh, well, the system I’m looking at does claim to be about 90% efficient, so that would line up with the output numbers they give on this unit.

I was thinking of running this with 0000g wire, though it is a lot easier to get a hold of 00 wire.

I did look at using 20 car batteries, but I’m looking for a bit more elegant solution for something that will hopefully be on display at maker faire. it’d be nice to just plug this mess into a wall outlet, but I’m starting to think that it might not be that safe to turn 110v A/C @15A into 240V DC and still run the motor without damaging it or blowing a breaker.

Or, would it be worth taking the inverter out of a modern welder?

I once was involved in a project where we accidentally pulled over 3000A from a 28VDC Hobart external power cart. (I was the one pushing the green button).The wiring involved was paired 000 ga. Results were that everybody at Learjet went home early because we killed a substation. Some pretty substantial kinetic energy launched wires several feet off the floor. Special aircraft engines had to be sent back to Pratt and Whitney Canada for bearing inspections.

Nobody was fired. Procedures for checking wiring were modified and taken more seriously after that.

Mike B


Sooo… got to thinking… throwing a set of fresh batteries at this thing doesn’t seem very maker-esk. Is there a good place in the Wichita Area to scavenge e-waste batteries from?

Are you looking to score some…

Free of charge?



They’ll positively charge me for some decent batteries. ba dum cha

The idea has potential

I talked a bit with Allpak battery today about possibly using e-waste for a battery pack of this voltage…

Basically, don’t do it. Small low current 12-24v packs isn’t a big deal, but big packs are definitely at higher risk of bad things happening from batteries trying to charge other batteries as well as different chemistry making some cells more volatile than others.

Unforuntately, to my knowledge, there isn’t a solar farm near Wichita or much need for things like ‘Power Walls,’ so it doesn’t look like there is easy access to high voltage batteries around Wichita.

Are you taking John Cody’s electric hotdog cooker up a notch or two?

John did set the bar pretty high for how quickly a hotdog could be cooked… though that would be pretty cool to have a hotdog making robot at fair… insta-cook the hotdog and have a robot throw the hotdog in a bun, squeeze the condiments they want at the push of a button, make some wacky Wonka-esk noises in the process with some other weird things moving in the background, and then have the machine launch the hot dog at their mouth like a shrimp at a hibachi table.

Sounds like a Simone Giertz robot…

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If anyone asks I’m packing the garage