3D Printing Group Meeting

I’ll be there at 5:30 on Saturday. Not sure how long this upgrade will take, but I’ve attached the Prusa link to the upgrade manual. Mike G


Thanks to everyone who came out last month to help with the Prusa upgrade. It was a big help, and I think everyone learned a few things. Would August 3rd be a good date for the next meeting?

I’ve had a few people ask about setting up Octoprint, so I was thinking we could cover that next. The Ultimaker needs to be re-installed anyway since it is running an older version that can’t be automatically updated anymore. Are people interested in that?

The OctoPrint setup shouldn’t take too long, so we could definitely work on some other things as well. Anyone have any ideas?


OMG Octoprint makes the A8 so much easier. Is it’s slicer as good as Cura’s? My workflow right now is to slice it in cura, upload to Octoprint, and run. But I was thinking of using the Octolapse addon. I think Octoprint needs to slice it if you do that…I think?

I’m a newb to the 3D printer unfortunately the training event last night didn’t work with my schedule but I’m interested in attending the meeting and listening in to becoming more familiar. I’m available Aug 3, I will be out of pocket Aug 4-12 so if I miss it I will look forward to future trainings and meetings.

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I should be able to attend.
I was thinking of trying out an Ender 5.
If I order one would I would be willing to wait till the group meeting to put it together if anyone would be interested in learning the process and playing with the set up.
Let me know if anyone is interested in building this.


I am!

I would be interested…

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I’ll put August 3rd on my calendar. What time? FB_IMG_1564318870298

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Anyone have a preference on time? I don’t have anything going on that day, and there are no events going on at the makerspace.

I’m available anytime that day, early afternoon would be best

I would totally be interested in it

August 3rd works for me. Whatever time everyone picks is good with me too. Am looking forward to it. I had a great time helping upgrade the clubs Prusa MK3 to the MK3S! I learned so much about the build of a Prusa that I didn’t know before and met some new people in the hobby.

I’d also like to bring a 3D Printer that someone gave me to get opinions on whether it might be worth fixing/salvaging. Someone told me it was a Prusa knock off that was called a Folger Tech i3?

Mike G

Ready to go for Saturday!!


Awesome, that should be fun.

How does 2:00 sound?

2 works for me.

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Bummer, I’ll be at work at that time. I guess I’ll catch yall next time.

I can be there at 2!


See you all at 2:00!


Photo or it didn’t happen, right? Thanks for bringing in your printer Josh. It was cool to see the build process. It turned out simpler then I thought it would be. I need to get my ideas designed for some 3D prints pronto.


@anielsen also brought in his Prusa with MMU2 upgrade and showed it off. It was pretty cool, if a bit on the complex side for my taste.