3d printer help needed - Maisy needs a leg

Hey guys,

A stray pup that came into the Wichita Animal Action League’s (WAAL) care that could use some help.

Maisy is a collie/corgi/??? Mix that was found with her leg in rough shape and ultimately, we had to amputate the leg at the hip.

She is struggling a bit on 3 legs and could use some help getting a prosthetic leg.

Would anyone be willing and able to help design and print a leg for Maisy? I can put you into contact with WAAL for more information.


Oh man, this would be awesome, way beyond my 3D modeling capabilities :frowning:

This would be a challenge. I keep thinking about how to make this happen, but i know it would take a 3d scanner to make something comfortable happen for Maisy.

My other thought was to take some soft clay and make a quick impression of her leg. Then we could use an impression to make a clay leg for her, make a mold around that leg and roto-mold a cool resin leg for her… @deanday or @pwhutchi, would this process be doable?


My mil has a 3 legged cat. I’ve looked into this. There is a lot of ergonomics that go into it. Diz is what a bioengineer do. Research into it. I got sidetracked.

How long has she been on 3 legs? It took a little while for my SuzieQ to adjust. (She did amazingly well with 3 legs and one of them was a hind one… apparently that is better than losing a front leg.)
One thought might be to put a harness on her and have a wheel at the bottom… the two legged dogs in the carts move pretty good.

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Looked at the 3d printed dog legs in the images… almost all are for front legs.
What we might try first is crafting up a cart like this one and see if that will work for her. Most likely it is a balance problem.

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I’d think you’d want to use something that was made for making impressions since it seems to set up much quicker. Regular clay is flexible for a very long time and you likely wouldn’t get a good impression.

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Based on someone’s cat having to go through this relatively recently due to as best could be figured something wrapped around, and because of my 3D printing stuff, I had some discussions with the vet, with who said with that much of the leg gone, (In the case of the cat, due to how high it was up and the existing injury, and ended up similarly amputated at the hip.) There’s not much that could be made that would work with leg prosthetic as is normally thought of. I can’t really find much of anything that has that much amputated for a dog on a single hind leg, excepting one image which looks like it has a wheelchair, that the dog’s other leg is on. So I think @ladeana is on the right track.

If there’s an idea for one that’s kinda static, you should be able to scan the area pretty well with a kinect, if they are amenable to holding still. I’d do it multiple times, in case it changes shape significantly. There’s one at MakeICT, and I have one as well if you need/want to borrow it.