3D Printer Filament

Hey everyone. I’m looking to make another filament order in the next week or so. If there are any colors or any different types of filament that you would like to see us have, now would be a good time to make that request.

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I’ll need some orange and black for the badge reader cases.


The copper and other metallic filaments would be cool again, please!

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I don’t recall what we had before, but something like this?


I have some of that hatchbox copper and it looks pretty decent

That looks like a different color to me. Are you sure it’s not the bronze?

Hatchbox copper isnt really a true copper color, but it still looks good. Maybe it’s the lighting from the pic that makes it look bronze.

It does look quite a bit different than colorfabb copperfill, which actually has the true copper color.

Here’s a comparison between hatchbox and colorfabb

The top one in the stack of filament rolls looks like the filament I used a while back! It’s cool! Also, some more of the wood filament!

The latest filament order has arrived. I think that I got all that was requested. Plus a few things. Enjoy!



Hello again. I’m in filament ordering mode. Any specific requests or needs?

Hot Pink

I would get several spools of black and white, as those seem to get the most use.

I found a note in my box with a request for white PLA, so I guess that’s another vote for that.

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