2022 Gardening Season

Hello fellow gardeners!

A few burning questions…

  1. How is you garden doing this year?
  2. What have your successes and challenges been?
  3. What’s your most productive crop?
  4. Have you planted your fall garden yet? If so what are you growing?

*1. I’ve had some successes and many challenges. Here is my harvest from this morning.
*2. My challenges have been GRASSHOPPERS AND squash bugs. I let my tomato plants get away from me and did not prune them as I had intended. With a hopeful heart waiting on them to produce.
*3. So far potatoes have been my most productive. I planted 10#+ and harvested well over 100#s I have them stored in my basement on covered racks to keep light from them and plenty of air circulation. We’ll see how they fair over the winter. I have more that Ive shredded and blanched and froze.
*4. I planted my fall garden this week. Cabbage, broccoli raab, bush beans, peas, cucumbers, basil, dill, mustard, turnips, beets, raddishes, lettuce, kale, sweet corn and Etc. Its a wait and see game now what will germinate. In the spring, everything was from seeds that I started indoors.

I look forward to hearing how your gardening experience is going.


I get the feeling we aren’t doing it right. I’ll go ahead and delete the pic of the five cherry tomatoes we got this year.

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Wow, Paula! Nice harvest.

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Sean, That would be about the number of tomatoes I’ve gotten this year too. I have about 100’ of romas planted, so far zero! lol. My Beef Steaks are finally putting on. H

owever… They’re not a beefy as I had hoped. lol. Must have been a mix up at the seed plant. I was soo very careful about labeling.

Yep. Tomatoes won’t set fruit when it’s this hot. However, I think we’re all in for a spectacular September harvest!

I’ve been having pretty respectable results from my cherry tomatoes and the one jalapeno I planted. My watermelon are going to town and my herbs are doing quite well. The strawberries are middlin’ but my flowers are happily blooming (especially the zinnias next to my watermelon). A pair of monarchs spent all day Tuesday on my milkweed and even laid a few eggs which I think might hatch Saturday. I’m going to plant cilantro and lettuce when I can remember where I hid the seed packets from my cats….


Planted 10# yukon golds this year in half barrels i turned in large raised bed planters
I over planted potatos so my potatos were on the small to medium side. Like Paula i got about 100lbs back! Grand kids had fun digging them up said it was like hunting for easter eggs.
We got a bunch of sweet potatos planted not expecting much from them as i got a late start. My hydroponic lettuce is growing nicely in my 3d printed tower.


The monarch caterpillars in my front yard are growing nicely. There are currently 6 of them.