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This is the Candidate Profile thread for @squarenuts who has accepted a nomination for the position of At-Large Director.

MEMBERS: If you have questions for the candidate, please pose them below for the candidate to respond to.

I want to tell you about myself

What are some favorite things I have already done for MakeICT?

I stumbled into a forum conversation started in December about starting a garden, as the dreams and desire grew, I think I was able to help coalesce a tenacious new force at our makerspace. Really, I should say that the Garden Committee is the best thing that MakeICT has done for me.

What in my opinion qualifies myself to be a board member?

The extensive community organizing training I received as a member and President of WSU Young Democratic Socialist. Also, I’m a breathing member.

If I have served on the Board in the past, What do I feel I did right? What do I think I did wrong, or could have done better?

I have not and will not serve the board in the past. This past, the past from right now.

Am I able to be at Board meetings, Maker Mondays and other events for the duration of my term?

I am, but I had to switch Dungeons and Dragons to Wednesdays.

It is our mission to innovate, learn, and build community at the intersection of art, technology, science, and culture. How would I support our mission as leadership?

My favorite thing about MakeICT was always seeing people push themselves to innovate, create, and share. Our gallery and common area (as opposed to “rec room” meant a lot to me. The Library has potential to be a Gallery and stimulating hub for brainstorming, institutional-busy-work, and member-attracting-socializing.

Do I promise you can serve out your entire term until next June? Do I predict that I’ll be open to running for a second or third term so MakeICT has a continuous, stable board of directors?

I will serve my sentence :wink: and make no predictions for future terms.

Have I read our bylaws and standing rules?

I have, and am guided primarily for the love of learning which they endorse.

What areas of the makerspace am I proficient/not proficient in?

I am proficient in the Woodshop, Metal Shop, Textiles, and Fab-lab.

How long have I been a member?

Since 2013?

Do I see there being anything that would keep me from helping out at the makerspace on a daily basis?

I will absolutely not be able to help at the makerspace on a daily basis. I will discharge the duties of an At-Large Board Member to the best of my abilities, check the forums regularly, and strive to be excellent as any member should.

What Should We Do Next?

What are my thoughts about MakeICT’s direction in the coming year?

I believe we need to lower barriers to entry and membership and move towards refocusing on our corporation’s mandate to “collaborate to bring technology to all forms of art, culture, and craft in new and interesting ways”… that is, to be makers, make, and revel in the doing of it.

What areas would I like to see MakeICT develop and evolve?

As chair of the Garden Committee, I have considerable ambitions in relation to that area of growth. However it is beyond my personal interests that I would most like to see growth. Certainly the more unsuspecting I am to the manner of such growth the better. Only by embracing and facilitating the dreams of our members can we really grow.

How Should We Operate?

How will I ensure that the board stays focused on long-term strategy instead of getting wrapped up in day to day issues?

I believe that as long as we strive first and foremost to empower our makers that we will be serving the long term interests of MakeICT.

What did last year’s board do well?

They kept us alive during an unprecedented confluence of biological, social, and financial crisis.

What could last year’s board have done better?

All the same things I will have wished I could have done better after my tenor, I’m sure.

How will you gauge whether we’re successful as an organization?

When we’re the undisputed media darlings of the Wichita Maker scene!

Do you see a need to increase dues?

A need? No. Am I open to a modest $5-$10 increase? Yes I am. But I also cherish our commitment to access and would promote the bolstering of our scholarship


what ideas do you have to accomplish this?

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What has the board accomplished in the last year? Why did you decide to run again?


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@Malissa and those whom it may concern, I will answer questions on the 2022 thread set up for this purpose found here: 2022 Board Election Candidate Profile: At-Large > Aaron Rivers