2020 sqin office desk

2020 sqin office desk

Just thought I’d post my second project here at Makeict, nothing too special. I have enjoyed using this space and learning more about wood working through these projects.

Provides plenty of space to organize, work, game, or study on

It will need some additional structural support. I would also like to consider upgrading it in the future so that it’s height adjustable.




Nice! I like the minimalist style. What did you finish with? It looks very natural. (nice trebuchet too, BTW)

Thank you! I am in the process of finishing with, solid espresso I think? I’m happy with it, though I still have a lot of improving to do.


Update on the table: turns out this design is not stable. Will be making some modifications along the lines of the picture here


Consider a couple of gussets hidden under the top, behind the vertical section of the legs to keep it from wobbling side to side. Even something kind of boomerang shaped will help there.

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