2020 Election

Hey there makers,

Ballots have been sent for the 2020 board of directors.

Polls close Tuesday at 9pm.

If you did not receive a ballot, please check your spam folder.

If the ballot is not in the spam folder, please let me know and I’ll see if we can get one sent to you asap

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@rustin.atkeisson is this coming via survey monkey? If so, could you resend to me? I missed that I needed to confirm so I don’t think I was on the list.

PM me the email you checked and I’ll see if that was the one we had on our list for you.

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This issue has been resolved. (The email had been sent to another one of Sean’s accounts).

If anyone else has not received the email to vote yet, please let me know.

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Also, below is the link to the Zoom meeting from Sunday where the candidates had a chance to speak about the positions they are running for.


You will need access to the drive to view the video. The candidates started talking at 6:20pm or at the 1hr 16min mark in the audio.

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Carol did not get email for voting

Hi Frank,

Unfortunately the polls are now closed, but please PM me the email address that Carol is using so that we can make sure we have the right e-mail address for her in wild apricot.

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With the polls now closed, the election committee will review the survey monkey results and contact the candidates before announcing the results in the next couple of days.

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Alrighty Makers, after close review by the election committee, your new board members are as follows:

President: Jai Chauhan
Vice President: Paula Pankratz
Treasurer: Kate Goad
Secretary: Patrick Hutchison
Immediate Past President: David Springs

Directors at Large:
Doug WIlson
Tom Bloom
Scott Sullivan
Terrence Laurendine

Congratulations to the new board and best of luck with making MakeICT even greater over the next year!


Congratulations to the new board!


Congrats new board looking forward to exciting year!!

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What have I done! :wink: Congrats to my fellow new board members, and many thanks to those who can see the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train after all.


Congrats everyone!
(And to everyone who didn’t win this year, good luck for next year!)

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Thank you Rustin and the rest of the election committee.

Myself or (anyone I can wrangle up with permissions) will start making account/alias the changes on Google. If anyone happens to see any website/wiki data that is missing as of Monday please says so, so we can get it corrected.


Congratulations and welcome to what will be a very worthwhile roller coaster ride. Your past board will also be here to lend an ear and discuss experiences. Looking forward to what this group brings to the table.

It is a bus - with one light out - but we are undaunted.

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Absolutely past board members are gear to help!

you guys are starting in an awkward position, but is so worth it. It’s been so interesting watching this community grow and build!

It’s going to seem like it is nothing but problems sometimes, but that’s because nobody complains about the stuff they like.

Welcome aboard!

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