2020 Call for Nominees

Hey there makers!

Next month is our annual meeting, which also means it’s election time for board members!

Are you interested in becoming a board member or think someone should be? Then shoot a message to Election@makeict.org

As usual the election will be for the following positions:
Vice President
4 Directors at Large

For more info on the positions check out article V of our bylaws on the wiki link below:

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Thank you Rustin!

These board members have been elected three times and are not eligible to run again:

It was a joy to work with you all these past three years! Thanks for all the help and your work on for MakeICT - I know we will all remain dedicated to the space, just not as board members.

While I did not win three elections, I feel like three years on the board is enough so I do not intend to accept any nominations.

Josh, Alysa & Scott have been a huge help this year and I really hope they stay on the board to give us come continuity! I’ll send in an email with my nominations.

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It has come to light, that if we have a person who has had a fellony on their record, holding office on our board, that we would not be eligible to run BINGO games, if we choose to do so. Something else we have talked about but didn’t get policy in place is that the treasurer should be bondable. These are 2 things our membership should consider in nominations and either membership should request a standing rule or the future board should consider after the election.

We’ve already received a couple nominations for next years board. As more people accept or reject these nominations, I will update the site to reflect those accepted nominations as well as reply back to individuals if those nominations are rejected.

Here is the wiki to the 2020-2021 election nominees:

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