2018 MakeICT Election Winners!

Thank you to everyone that voted for the new June 2018 to June 2019 board members and for voting on the bylaw changes and standing rule changes!

Here are the results:
Q1: Vote to change the board of directors term duration as set by the bylaws.

  • Result: Bylaws will not be changed

Q2: Vote to remove Members Rights section of the Standing Rules

  • Result: Vote passes to remove Members Rights section

Q3: Vote to amend the guest policy to clarify the use of the space for tutoring.

  • Result: Vote passes to add ‘only exception to this is tutoring’ to guest rules.

Board Members:

  • President: Kim Burton

  • Vice President: LaDeana Dockery

  • Treasurer: David Springs

  • Secretary: Kez Cook

  • Members At large:

    • Jeremiah Burian
    • Paul Masseberg
    • Malissa Long
    • James Lancaster

Congrats to our returning board members Kim, LaDeana, David, Kez, Malissa, and James. And Welcome aboard Jeremiah and Paul.


… And there was much rejoicing.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Yeah… we welcome both those metal-heads (oops did I say that out loud) to the board. :slight_smile:

I formally invite anyone who didn’t get enough votes to help with the leadership of this organization. We can always use more help. If you don’t know how you can help, contact me and I would love, love to give one or more of you some committee positions that I have. :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric!

Congrats and thank you to all who are willing to invest in this community.


I made a bunch of updates to the leadership page this morning:

Let me know if I spelled a name wrong, messed up an email link, etc etc etc. And if anyone ever wants a photo retake, I’m game, I realize I caught a bunch of you off your guard last night. But at least we’re THERE! New members love that page, they can find who to bug for signatures and we are all terrible at remembering names. I have no idea who I am.

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  1. Jens is VP?

  2. Where’s the ERP lead?

  3. You might take the board title off people under the committees section, that looks redundant when both titles are given under board member. The point of that section is to show which committee that person is taking care of right?

good catches.

the way captions work you upload a photo, and caption it, then any place you use that photo it’s one caption. I’d have to upload duplicate photos to have it be captioned differently in one place vs. another. so unless it’s a big deal I’m going to leave it redundant.

So what shall we do about a Lead in Jewelry?


I feel like that’s a bigger topic than just checking my web page, so I’ll start elsewhere.

Looks great. Nice to put faces with names. Thank you.

I suppose it is…

Congratulations… looking forward to seeing this space grow with new ideas! Most of all having fun while Making IT!