2018 Ideas Classes

What would you like to do in the metalshop in 2018? Is there a class we could do that would be usefully?

I would very much like to learn the basics of running the manual mill
and the metal lathes. I know there have been a few classes on the lathe,
but so far they haven’t fit my schedule. I’m hoping there will be more
classes in the new year. As far as the manual mill, there have been
hints and wishes expressed, but as far as I know, a class has never


I’d like to see some crossover between Textiles and metal. I currently do some eco-dying with rust. Sew thin metal into fabric, ect.

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http://avax.news/wow/Embroidery_On_Metal_By_Severija_Incirauskaite_Kriauneviciene.html And we could do this kind of work.

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Or this http://callane.com/veiled-hoods-and-stains/
Her work is beautiful.