2018 Annual Auction - September 21-28


I just sent you an invite.


Thank you!


I just invited 500 Friends.


Where and when do we deliver items to be donated for the aucion?
Also, I have photos of my artwork I would prefer to be used if that is possible.


We will be accepting artwork next Friday, the 21st, and Saturday, the 22nd. If no one is there, I will figure out where it needs to go and let you know. I plan to be there Friday 9-3. Saturday after 5-8.


We currently have 7 items donated. Can we double or triple that by the end of the weekend?


Does that include my 4 paintings? I ask because I am going to add the auction to digital calendars around Wichita, but I’m a bit hesitant if that’s it. I have this feeling there are more of you planning to donate. I bet we have lots of ceramics.
This is a great way to support MakeICT if you haven’t been able to volunteer lately.
It would make us all sleep better if you are going to donate if you fill out the form. Pretty please? With sugar on top???


I have placed a bunch of stuff from ceramics out on the counter for the art auction. I submitted two forms. Several other folks from ceramics plan to make donations as well.

Stuff from the Ceramics Studio - “Odds ‘n Ends” left around the studio:

Pieces from Michelle LeFavor - @michelle can elaborate on descriptions and prices. I submitted a form for her just to get stuff on the list.


I’m trying to get two huge wood wichita flags done, each 2ftx3ft. Slow going!


I dropped my bench off. Left it up fronr.


Thanks everyone who is donating. Thanks everyone who is helping organize this! I love when we all pull together! :smiley:


So far we have a total of 12 responses from 8 individuals. I plan on making labels Saturday night at latest. I should be in the space by 1130 Sunday.


I can help but I can’t get there until around 5ish. I can help with whatever is needed, but I might not be the best person for giving tours yet. I probably should tag along on a maker Monday tour soon so I can see how those are scripted. LOL. There are still a couple sections that I am not familiar with as far as what those members have access to and how the area works.


I dropped off a few things but this big flag is still drying at my house!


I need help settling up the gallery. I have signage for the sign-up I received printing now. I should be at the space at 11


I left 4 paintings up there by the ceramics and Kim’s flags yesterday afternoon.


And I can tell people have been working hard at cleaning and organizing. The place looks better every time I go in. Thanks to those that are doing that.


There’s not a bid sheet on the drive. I started one, but not sure how to do it in sheets.


Placed some additional auction donations on the counter from Michelle LeFavor yesterday evening.


I dropped off 3 cutting boards today. I’ll try and make a few more this week.