2018 Annual Auction - September 21-28

Makers here, Makers there, Makers everywhere:

Hear ye, hear ye, let it be known that we are calling for Makers from all places and all walks of makery to donate pieces for our Annual Auction to benefit the programs, areas, and projects of MakeICT.

Please please please mark September 21-28 in your calendars and plan on having a piece or many many pieces finished and ready to be donated and sold in our 2nd Annual Auction.

We will be setting up roughly the week before and would hope to have your pieces in the space at that time so they can be photographed and used as part of the promotional marketing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Auction peasants: myself, @paul.maseberg, or @ladeana for answers or funny comments (we’re full of those).

Good evening to you now, lords and ladies of the making.

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I made this. It should be able to add the event to your Outlook or Google calendar. I think.

2018_auction.ics (377 Bytes)

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And it’s on Facebook, invite your friends!



I will be happy to donate 2 paintings. I will have them to you by September 14. They’ll be the fluid acrylic I teach in class.


Have you signed up yet? We’re going to need to blow the pants off this.

So far we have 2 responses thanks @devin and myself . If you have things, we need them added to the above form. If you own a business and would like some advertisement, this is an opportunity with cross promotion on FB.

@jwithers has graciously agreed to head this up. We are very happy to have him.

Thanks John! I love when someone steps up to help!
Can everyone do me a giant favor and help John get this off the ground. He is new at this sort of thing and volunteered when we really needed a volunteer!


I’d like to propose that everyone who teaches a class, makes at least one extra item in their class to donate to the auction. The more items we have for sale, the more money we have for our community.

Also, is there any chance we could start doing auctions to raise money for a new building? The first $1000 that we raise in this auction is going to ceramics, and as much as that area could use a couple extra wheels, what it really needs is a larger space.

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We have been collecting donations from the Ceramics Studio for the auction and will have several pieces for the auction.


I should have another bench ready by then.


Please remember to put items on the form. That’s the only way we can give you credit and make a nice write up for the piece. It also helps us keep what little sanity we have left.

I added this to the volunteer form:

If you can be around that night to lead tours, help with checkout, setup, clean up, etc go sign up!

Also can everyone go and invite 10-100 facebook friends to the event?

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September 27th is a Thursday…

@pwhutchi thanks, I updated the description.

Is there a Facebook event set up? I can put it on my wall and the 2 pages I manage.
I plan on donating 3 or 4 acrylic flow paintings. Also, an opportunity for a custom piece your choice of color and size. You can also have a private lesson where I will help you with creating the custom piece. I will get this on the forms and to John.
Will people be able to bid on line?

Also, do we need flyers for the auction? A few would be good to have. Spice Merchant for one. Donut Whole. Maybe some of you belong to churches or your work.

And is this in The Eagle under Entertainment? There are several digital Wichita Events bulletin boards that post these kinds of events. I have a list we use for the Friends Used Library Book Sales that I’ve called in the past. I would be glad to do that for you. Just let me know please. And soon.
Gail Fisher

I just sent you an invite.